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‘Go Green’ This Summer with Simple Tips from SWACO

Jul 09, 2021

Summer is in full swing! As you’re planning backyard barbeques and stocking up on sunscreen, keep in mind ways you and your family can have sustainable fun in the sun. With more time spent at home during the summer months, household waste has the potential to increase. SWACO has compiled a list of simple tips so you and your family can have a green summer:

Join the Plastic Free movement: Commit to reducing plastic waste during July as well as throughout the summer by taking the pledge to skip single use plastics. It’s easy to get started. Consider eliminating the use of straws and packing snacks for trips to the pool, park and zoo in reusable snack containers. Hear what Micah has to say about how she reduces waste and recycles right.

Recycle summer aerosols: When restocking your sunscreen or bug spray inventory, be mindful of the old containers you’ll be discarding. Most aerosol cans like these are not hazardous and can be recycled through your community’s curbside recycling program, as long as the can is completely empty, the tip is removed and the contents are not hazardous.

Donate when you can: Replacing tattered beach towels with new ones may feel like a fun fresh start for summer. But instead of tossing the old ones in the garbage, consider cutting into rags for household cleaning, or donating to a local animal shelter.

Don’t bag your grass: Did you know that grass clippings can be composted at home or through curbside or drop-off yard waste programs? Keep materials loose in a container clearly marked ‘yard waste’ or use compostable paper bags. Click here to learn more about the curbside programs your community offers.

Need more ideas of how to go green this summer? SWACO’s Recycle & Reuse Search Tool outlines a number of guidelines around what materials are recyclable and provides resources for additional information. Recycling right makes a difference for both your family and community. For more tips and resources, visit

Together, we can make a difference.


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