Recycle Right

Recycle Right

Learn about what's recyclable, why and how to Recycle Right.

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Make a Difference

Your efforts can make a big impact on your environment and community.

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How Do I Get Started?

Learn where to donate, recycle, compost or dispose of your unwanted items.

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Introducing the Opportunity

By improving your recycling habits, Franklin County can reach a 75% recycling rate by 2032.

51% Recycling Rate

Franklin County’s rate of recycling exceeds the national average yet we can do better!

Over a million tons

Franklin County residents and businesses landfill over a million tons of material annually.

76% could be recycled

Over 76% of the material in the landfill could be recycled or composted.

Recycling has never been easier. When we recycle right, we can make a difference for our environment and community.

Find Recycling, Reuse and Composting Options in Central Ohio

SWACO Makes Recycling Easy

Our Recycling & Reuse Search Tool connects you with hundreds of location to donate, reuse and compost unwanted items.

Recycle & Reuse Search Tool

How well do you know your recycling?

Hover over an image below to learn a quick tip about each item. Then take our Recycle Right Quiz.

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Make a Difference

When you recycle right, you really do make a difference. By recycling your materials, you help to reduce pollution, contribute to clean water, conserve limited natural resources, support jobs and local businesses and reduce central Ohio’s reliance on landfills.

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Tips & Resources

Find tips & resources to help you recycle right and make a difference.

Latex Paint is Not Hazardous and Can Easily Be Disposed When Dry

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76% of the Materials Thrown Away in Franklin County Could Be Diverted

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Celebrating SWACO School Recycling Champions

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Plastic film

Plastic bags are recyclable, just not in your curbside recycling container

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