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Got Recycling in the Kitchen Mastered? We’ve Got Ideas to Help Your Recycle in the Bathroom Too

Oct 13, 2018

For many of us, recycling in the kitchen is an easy no-brainer. But, once we’ve mastered what goes in and what should stay out of the recycling bin, how can we avoid a recycling plateau? 

Simply adding a small recycling container to your first and second floor bathrooms is a great way to begin capturing even more household recyclables and further reduce your reliance on the landfill. 

Remember the ABC’s of how to recycle right in the bathroom by only putting items accepted for recycling into the recycle bin.  

Recycle these common bathroom products: 

Aerosol cans (non-hazardous) like those for shaving cream and gels.  Please empty the aerosol container completely and remove the tip. 

Bottles like those for shampoo, conditioner and lotions

Cardboard like toilet paper rolls and other personal care item packaging 

Use our Recycle Right guide to answer questions about whether other common bathroom items can be recycled.

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