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SWACO operates a drop-off program to serve Franklin County residents and businesses who need additional recycling capacity. Annually about 6,000 tons of recyclable material is diverted from the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill through this program.

When using this program, please remember:
  •  ONLY recycle the following items:
    • Paper & Cardboard (break down and flatten cardboard boxes)
    • Plastic Bottles, Jugs, Tubs, & Cups (lids and labels accepted)
    • Glass Bottles and Jars (all colors accepted)
    • Metal Cans & Cups (remove aerosol tips)
    • Cartons (rinse and remove lids)
  • Keep recyclables loose; DON’T place them in plastic bags.
  • If you see illegal dumping and misuse of the containers, report it. Call 614-971-5322 or log on 
  • Use our Recycling & Reuse Search Tool to find out where to recycle materials not accepted in the drop-off program.
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