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Campaign Sign

Residents are encouraged to recycle paper signs in their curbside recycling cart.  Stretch or film plastic signs can be recycled at a variety of grocery stores as part of the film plastic recycling programs, and the metal stands can be taken to a local metal recycler.

WHY CAN’T THIs type of plastic BE RECYCLED in my curbside bin?

The types of plastics used to construct these signs are not accepted at the recycling facility that processes recyclables in Franklin County. Due to the different types of plastics used, and the variability in sizes and shapes of these materials, they are difficult to separate at the recycling facility and strong end markets don’t exist even if they are successfully separated.

Following the election each year, SWACO hosts a collection event to collect unwanted yard signs for recycling.  That event has already occurred for 2021.  We encourage you to hold onto your signs until next year’s collection event or look to see if your community has a collection program in place.


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