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Household batteries include single-use and rechargeable batteries in a variety of sizes (AA, AAA, 9v, etc.). The use of rechargeable batteries is recommended to reduce the number of batteries being disposed of each year.

Modern-day alkaline batteries no longer contain mercury and are classified as non-toxic by the Environmental Protection Agency and can be disposed of in household trash. While batteries are considered a non-hazardous waste, they do contain metals such as steel, zinc, and manganese which can be recycled into new products.

  • Batteries should never be put in your curbside or drop-off recycling container. They can cause fires at the local recycling facility and put recycling workers at risk.
  • Safety first! If you choose to recycle household batteries through a mail-in program, retail store, or take to SWACO’s permanent Household Hazardous Waste facility, please safely prepare them for recycling.  Please keep each battery in its own clear plastic bag before placing it in a storage container or tape the battery terminals with clear packing tape or non-conductive electrical or duct tape, keeping the label visible so that the battery type can be identified.
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