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Many types of household appliances can be donated or recycled, including large appliances like washers & dryers, refrigerators & stoves, and small appliances such as toasters, blenders, and vacuum cleaners.

Quick tips
  • If your appliance is in good working condition, please consider donating it to one of the charitable organizations listed in the search results.
  • Appliances that contain refrigerants, such as refrigerators and dehumidifiers, may not be accepted at all locations or may be charged a fee to be recycled. Please call ahead to confirm prior to visiting any of the locations listed.
  • If purchasing a new large appliance, check to see whether they will collect your old appliance for recycling when delivering a new item.
  • Some locations may only accept small appliances, while others may only accept large appliances. Please read the accepting entity‚Äôs web site carefully and call ahead!
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